Serena Kuo is a New York-based filmmaker, creative, and photographer. Her background in cinematography and studio arts lends a hands-on approach to her directed work. Her body of work encompasses TV broadcast commercials, digital and theatrical documentaries, branded content, social media content, cooking shows, and theatrical narratives.

With years of agency experience and founding a creative start-up under her belt, Serena works closely with her clients in creative ideation, strategy, and writing. Her strong suit lies in translating creative direction to production (and vice versa), interweaving her in-field production expertise with her understanding of the creative high concept and client needs. In addition, Serena is well-versed in the holistic process of creating content – leading still/motion photographers, stylists, designers, and editors from various projects’ inception to delivery.

Serena’s understanding of the entire timeline of content-making is a result of her passion for storytelling through process. She believes that in order to alway make the most compelling work, one must be open to the unique ways each story can be told.

Serena is also a 7-time New York citywide competitive karaoke champion and an avid collector of musical instruments, illustrated prints, and hand tools.

Throughout the year, Serena can be spotted traveling around the world with an ambitious itinerary, photographing magic hours and train tracks. Otherwise, she is at home in New York City, plotting her next project.

Then again, you can always find her here:
hello [at] serena kuo [dot] com